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Delaware Valley Dog Training offers professional, reward-based dog training for all breeds, ages, and temperaments. We believe in training that creates lasting behavioral changes and commit to working with every dog until their training goals are met. Our goal is to ensure good behavior becomes your dog’s default behavior.

In-home Training Programs in Philadelphia

Our training program begins right in your own home so we can observe the dog in its home environment, evaluate their behavior, and create an individualized training plan tailored specifically to you. Unlike large group training classes or board-and-train methods, our in-home training program is fully customized to your dog’s behavioral issues and training goals.

Teaching Decisions, not Dominance

After your dog has mastered practicing their good, new behaviors in the comfort of their own home, we go “looking for trouble” and practice in settings full of distractions, temptations, and triggers—like a busy park—so your dog learns how to behave in real-world situations and settings. After all, this is where your dog’s training really needs to count! We want them to know how to make the right choices even in difficult situations.

All Programs are Fully Customized for Each Dog

Once your dog has completed the training program, you’ll be thrilled with how well behaved they are. You’ll also realize how much deeper your relationship with your dog is. You get to enjoy life with a more obedient companion and your dog gets to enjoy a better quality of life as well. Well-trained dogs are able to join their owners in most day-to-day activities and after our training program they often experience new freedoms such as loose leash walks and more time with their family. It’s a win all around!

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