Dog Training Gives You and Your Dog A Better Life Together

Over years since we opened up Delaware Valley Dog Training, we’ve worked with a lot of dog owners who only just sought out dog training when their dog’s behavior was uncontrollable and severe. Many times, these owners mention the early signs they saw in their dog’s growing bad behaviors, but a lot of them assumed it “wasn’t THAT bad”, or that “they’d eventually grow out of it”, so there was no need to do dog training at the time.

Waiting for your dog’s bad behavior to explode and reach uncontrollable proportions can really cause major issues, and certainly put a strain on the relationship between the dog and their owner. Instead of sitting around waiting for a behavior bomb to go off, sign your dog up for dog training immediately and ensure they learn appropriate behaviors and the lifestyle that you will both happily live together. Rather than grow to resent your dog and their behavioral problems, find out why they’re happening in the first plan and make a plan to fix them!

dog and owner training togetherOur in-home dog training programs are designed to you and your dog, and how you want to better your lives together through behavioral training. We’ll work with your dog to show you that they can be successful, and teach you the proper techniques to achieve this success with your dog consistently and every day. Training your dog should not be something that pushes your dog away from you. It can be hard at first for both dogs and owners to adjust, but the goal in dog training should always be to set everyone up for success and reward and to be consistent with any boundaries that you must set for your dog.

If your dog has severe issues, such as fear aggression, human aggression, separation anxiety, etc., our training aims to eliminate these issues and the anxiety that causes these behaviors! It’s not about managing bad behaviors, but getting to the root of the behavior and hammer it away over enough time and work. Your dog’s confidence should increase during training, and owners will be empowered with the training and communication skills to have a successful relationship with their dog.

Delaware Valley Dog Training is a reward-based training company in the Delaware Valley and the Greater Philadelphia regions. We want to set your dog up for success at the get-go, whether they have mild issues or more problematic behaviors. Instead of waiting until your dog gets out of control, start training now and start building a forever happy and trusting relationship with your dog.

For questions on our training programs, browse through our website and then give our office a call at 800.649.7297!